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Quickbooks Error Message The Transaction Is Empty

Create your profile » Shared Ticket Bins (Sort) ↓↑ drag 2 Pending Bugs ↓↑ drag 5 Pending Features ↓↑ drag 7 Next Milestone (v2.1) People watching this ticket Daniel Parker Steven Log in or register to post comments Comment #4 mattreba CreditAttribution: mattreba commented September 24, 2013 at 6:48pm Status: Active » Fixed Merged to 7.x-1.x dev http://drupalcode.org/sandbox/mattreba/2094911.git/commit/beb45ee79a0f5b... Was this answer helpful? QuickBooks error message: The specified name is either invalid or of the wrong typeCustomer/vendor name conflictThe customer could not be created because there is a Vendor or Other Name in QuickBooks Source

Addr3: Suite D City: Willington State: Connecticut Postal: Code06279 Country: United States Addr1: 56 Cowles Road Addr2: Attention- Keith Palmer Jr. We do that with the style and format of our responses. You might find better documentation on our new QuickBooks integration wiki. QuickBooks error message: You may not create or edit a transaction dated on or before the dividing date.Closed transaction periodIt means they are trying to save a transaction in a time

There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Customer "Felix Lighting" in the Invoice. Please reinstall QuickBooks. 0x80040408 Could not start QuickBooks. 0x80040409 The current version of QuickBooks cannot work with the specified company data file. 0x8004040A QuickBooks company data file is already open and more hot questions question feed lang-cs about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation SqlConnection connection = new SqlConnection(m_connectionString); connection.Open(); SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand("dbo.Intuit_GetPayment", connection); cmd.CommandType = CommandType.StoredProcedure; cmd.Parameters.Add("@glmvSyncId", SqlDbType.Int).Value = glmvSyncId; SqlDataReader rdr = cmd.ExecuteReader(); rdr.Read(); Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.PaymentHeader paymentHeader = new Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.PaymentHeader(); paymentHeader.ARAccountId =

  1. here is an example: qbconnection.debuglogpath = "c:\trace.xml" receivepayments.commit qbconnection.debuglogpath = "" ‘ turn off
  2. Ask your question to the community.
  3. This helps to ensure that you are not updating a record which has already been updated via another user or process.
  4. The current logic is to retry 3180 errors indefinitely which is creating an endless loop if a simple retry does not resolve the issue.Files: CommentFileSizeAuthor #3 2096099-Custom_line_item_type_transaction_empty.patch828 bytesmattreba #1 2096099-3180_Retry_logic_endless_loop.patch774 bytesmattreba
  5. There was a required element(“fieldValue”) that could not be found in QuickBooks.

QuickBooks error message: You cannot set the quantity for items of this type.Item match in QB not other charge itemNarrow down offending line item. csaar × Close Why do you want to report this? Correct the payment to the amount of the balance due on the Invoice.There was an error when saving a Invoice. Imagine you're explaining something to a trusted friend, using simple, everyday language.

So, for instance, these are valid and can be stored in because they fit on 5 lines when printed: // Both of the examples below represent the following 5 address lines: A word for acting in advance of some expected or anticipated outcome How much are taxes for a postdoc in the United States? Which lane to enter on this roundabout? (UK) Life on Smooth World Is it a Good UX to keep both star and smiley rating system as filters? This generally means that you've send a request to QuickBooks which refers to an object that doesn't exist.

share|improve this answer edited Feb 13 '13 at 22:01 answered Feb 13 '13 at 21:52 Peter Lavelle 1,459411 The specific error message is; 'QBXML validation error: [severity=FATAL_ERROR,message=cvc-complex-type.2.4.a: Invalid content Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.idDomainEnum.QB : Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.idDomainEnum.NG), Value = rdr["invc_idvalue"].ToString() }; // invc_iddomain and invc_idvalue are from the InvoiceHeader listLine.Add(paymentLine); Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.Payment syncPayment = new Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.Payment(); syncPayment.Header = paymentHeader; syncPayment.Line = listLine.ToArray(); connection.Close(); Intuit.Ipp.Data.Qbd.Payment resultPayment = Encountered: after : ""Flex is trying to save a line item to Quickbooks but the item’s name has a single quote ( ‘ ) at the end.Code fix is in In QuickBooks Pro, you may be able to work with existing sales orders but you can't create new ones. 3280 Item type mismatch The item “fieldValue” cannot be used in this

Then click Allow Always when you are notified that the certificate has expired. 0x8004041F QuickBooks Basic cannot accept XML requests. Your application cannot access QuickBooks until the user dismisses the dialog box. 0x80040415 A call to the OpenConnection method must include the name of your application. 0x80040416 If QuickBooks is not It's the DiscountAccountId field. Use advanced searching » #17 ✓resolved QuickBooks error message: The transaction is empty.

Suite D // 4. http://lebloggeek.com/quickbooks-error/quickbooks-error-message-ps-107.html ATTN: Keith Palmer Jr. // 3. Supplied value:80480-1447689323, MORE ERROR DETAIL:LinkedTxn.TxnIdDesktop to online conversion errorExport quote to QB DesktopConvert from Desktop to QBOExport payment for quote to QBO Invoices must manually be marked as paid in QBO. Be concise.

Suggestion error with Coveo search box Would it be ok to eat rice using spoon in front of Westerners? My Plan was to follow the steps in the article and create the header, then run sp_lastinsertID Bill in order to retrieve the TxnID. Reported by Steven Price | July 21st, 2009 @ 12:49 PM | in 2.0 - "Ambidextrous Octopus" My example: c = QB::Check.new c[{ :IsToBePrinted => false, # :RefNumber => "10", :AccountRef have a peek here THUB does not and cannot send the exact tax amount in this case.

All rights reserved. × Close Sign in or create an account To continue your participation in Intuit Developer Community: Sign in or Create an account Skip to main content Skip to paymentHeader.TotalAmt = Convert.ToDecimal(rdr["amount"]); paymentHeader.TotalAmtSpecified = true; share|improve this answer answered Feb 14 '13 at 20:22 user2008632 6814 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log The employee “fieldValue” provided in the TimeTrackingAdd request has the checkbox “Use time data to create paychecks” set to the Unknown state.

Consider sending over customer #245, “Keith Palmer” as: ... Keith Palmer (245) ...

If that doesn't fix it reboot the computer and make sure to only open QuickBooks one time.There was an error adding, modifying or deleting 240C-1387315989 because it is already in use. If you do this then THUB will send the tax amount to QuickBooks and it will accept a $0 Invoice Help Desk Software by Kayako Fusion Behindlogic QuickBooks Rubygem → 2.0 QuickBooks error message: The transaction is empty. Willington, CT 06279 // 5.

You'll get an error message like the one below, and the error can usually be resolved by just re-issuing the request. When answering questions, write like you speak. QuickBooks error message: The transaction is empty.Zero or blank paymentThe payment is either zero or blank. http://lebloggeek.com/quickbooks-error/quickbooks-error-you-must-assign-an-account-for-this-transaction.html I cannot create Payments.

Spam Profanity Threats/Abuse Inappropriate Virus/Danger Broken Links Other Recommended Answer The transaction is empty because you *only* specified a Bill header. If you look at the QuickBooks GUI, to create a bill The save operation failed and the record wasn't saved. 9100 Macro name not unique The macro name “fieldValue” is already in use; it may only be defined once. 9101 Macro name The AR Accounts on Invoice & Payment may not match. On the Flex side there could be leading or trailing space in the Client Contact's Company Name field.

This error occurs often when you try edit a list object, and for some reason QuickBooks thinks that the list of objects has been modified by another user. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. You'll get this error if you use an out-of-date EditSequence value to try to update an object. 3205 Invalid address There was an error when composing an address in “fieldValue” This Unfortunately I have no idea what it means.

When you send your qbXML request, part of it looks like this: ... If you get this error message, it means Chances are it is a discount item but it should be an Other Charge item. QuickBooks error message: This list has been modified by another user. https://ipp.developer.intuit.com/0010_Intuit_Partner_Platform/0050_Data_Services/0500_QuickBooks_Windows/0100_Calling_Data_Services/0015_Retrieving_Objects#Objects_in_Error_State If the entity is in error state, you can query for the specific reason using the Status API: https://ipp.developer.intuit.com/0010_Intuit_Partner_Platform/0050_Data_Services/0500_QuickBooks_Windows/0600_Object_Reference/SyncStatus SyncStatusRequest syncStatusRequest = new SyncStatusRequest(); syncStatusRequest.ErroredObjectsOnly = true; syncStatusRequest.NgIdSet = new

Both ListID and Name are unique keys in QuickBooks, so, for instance, say you have this scenario: Customer 1 ListID: 1234-ABCD Name: Keith Customer 2 ListID: 5678-EFGH Name: Shannon And you Look for ways to eliminate uncertainty by anticipating people's concerns.