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Ras Error Value 31

ERROR_PASSWORD_RESTRICTION 1326 Logon failure - unknown user name or bad password. The Ras Error Return Value 31 error message appears as a long numerical code along with a technical description of its cause. ERROR_OVERRUN 710 Serial overrun errors were detected while communicating with your modem. ERROR_CANNOT_LOAD_STRING 626 A string could not be loaded.

RPC_X_INVALID_ES_ACTION 1828 Incompatible version of the serializing package. RPC_S_UNKNOWN_AUTHZ_SERVICE 1751 The entry is invalid. A device can unregister for many reasons, both intentional such as manually resetting the device after a configuration change, and unintentional such as loss of network connectivity. ERROR_EAS_NOT_SUPPORTED 288 Attempt to release mutex not owned by caller.

ERROR_OPEN_FILES 2402 Active connections still exist. Some network services or resources might not be available. The LAN connection selected as the private network has more than one IP address configured. Possible causes include a missing Call-ID header, a missing AoR in the To header, or an expires value that is too small.

ERROR_UNKNOWN_FRAMED_PROTOCOL 794 The Framed Protocol RADIUS attribute for this user is not PPP. Insufficient RAM. ERROR_INVALID_PORT_HANDLE 601 The port handle supplied is not valid. ERROR_INVALID_TARGET_HANDLE 117 The IOCTL call made by the application program is not correct.

If status shows 2, then replication is working. ERROR_DISCARDED 158 The segment is already unlocked. Change the type of virtual private network to Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2TP). Or, lack of a KeepAlive message being returned from the Unified CM node to which this endpoint was registered.

No action is necessary; the device will re-register automatically. 18 DeviceNoResponse - The device did not respond to a reset or restart notification, so it is being forcefully reset. ERROR_PARTIAL_RESPONSE_LOOPING 697 Partial response looping. Verify that your system has enough RAM to run various software applications. ERROR_EXE_MACHINE_TYPE_MISMATCH 230 The pipe state is invalid.

ERROR_NO_ANSWER 678 There is no answer. ERROR_TRUST_FAILURE 1791 A remote procedure call is already in progress for this thread. ERROR_NUMBERCHANGED 773 The connection attempt failed because the destination number has changed. ERROR_INVALID_MESSAGE 1003 Cannot complete this function.

ERROR_PRINTQ_FULL 62 Space to store the file waiting to be printed is not available on the server. ERROR_INVALID_PIXEL_FORMAT 2001 The specified driver is invalid. ERROR_PPP_REMOTE_TERMINATED 719 The connection was terminated by the remote computer. ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED 51 The remote computer is not available.

ERROR_TOKEN_ALREADY_IN_USE 1376 The specified local group does not exist. Note  Supported in Windows 7 and later versions of Windows.   ERROR_TS_UNACCEPTABLE 842 Traffic Selectors negotiation failed. No action is necessary; the device will re-register automatically. 11 MalformedRegisterMsg - (SIP only) A SIP REGISTER message could not be processed because of an illegal format. ERROR_WINDOW_OF_OTHER_THREAD 1409 Hot key is already registered.

Recommended ActionIn the Cisco Unified Reporting tool, run a CM Cluster Overview report and check to see if all servers can communicate with the Publisher. ERROR_NOT_CHILD_WINDOW 1443 Invalid GW_* command. ERROR_INTERACTIVE_MODE 703 An error occurred because the interactive mode is enabled.

ERROR_SERVICE_IS_PAUSED 928 The Demand Dial service is in a paused state.

Enum Definitions - IPAddrAttributes Value Definition 0 Unknown - The device has not indicated what this IPv4 address is used for 1 Administrative only - The device has indicated that this Please help me overcome this problem at the earliest cameron Reply | Threaded Open this post in threaded view ♦ ♦ | Report Content as Inappropriate ♦ ♦ Re: Error If the reason is ConfigurationMismatch, go to the Device Configuration page in Cisco Unified CM Administration, make a change to the Description field for this device, click Save, then reset the ERROR_INVALID_SID 1338 The security descriptor structure is invalid.

EPT_S_NOT_REGISTERED 1754 No interfaces have been exported. ERROR_NONE_MAPPED 1333 Too many LUIDs were requested at one time. ERROR_TOO_MANY_LUIDS_REQUESTED 1334 No more LUIDs are available. ERROR_ACCOUNT_DISABLED 1332 No mapping between account names and security IDs was done.

Note  Supported in Windows Vista and later versions of Windows.   ERROR_VPN_DISCONNECT 807 The network connection between your computer and the VPN server was interrupted. ERROR_SEM_USER_LIMIT 107 The program stopped because an alternate diskette was not inserted.