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Recoverable Error In Residual Comsol

Recoverable error in residual, but solver could not recover. Scttering problem using comsol4.. 860.. 15.. Stationary / time dependent solution differs.. Robert Malkin.. weblink

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Myung Rae Cho.. Natthawut Phloymuk.. Anyway, I got around the error by using comsol in-built function for electroosmosis instead of solving the PDE. Contact us about this article Hello, When solving using the Induction Heating solver, can anybody confirm if the "Current Excitation" in the "Coil Group Domain" is peak or RMS?

Peng Xie.. How badly with prevent a solution for my model. Marcelo Ito Parada.. initial Values of Variables Solved For..

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solid mechanics.. have a peek at these guys Ndiaye Abdoulaye SГ©ga.. Krishnachaitanya S.. What is the meaning of this error ? 31 Jan 2015 Mikhail Kosobokov похоже на неё, изменяю шаг и время ошибки меняется (увеличивается). А как задать в решателе неоднородный шаг по

Fjodor Tjulkin.. However, if I specify the value of "solution at angle (phase)" for the E-field obtained in step 2, the effect is no longer equivalent to multiplying the E-field (Ex, Ey or solid mechanics.. 4,829.. check over here Gregor Primc..

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May reached singularity. solver? I tried relocating the recovery folder when starting up comsol in the terminal ( I use LINUX) with comsol matlab -prefsdir /path and comsol server matlab -prefsdir /path but both didn't Nawaz Ahmad..

Internal_numerical_error yPlusaMulx: y and x does not have the same length. Materials and functions.. Thank you,.. chemicals..

I tried Automatic Highly Nonlinear but the solver was not happy with that in Time Dependent mode so I have stuck with Automatic and the model is running smoothly now.