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Detailed Description The RAC CA Certificate is changed. Critical The storage battery failed. The notification of the CMC condition to the operating system may only be necessary for recording the error information. Kitts och Nevis St.

Critical The watchdog timer expired. Category Audit (CMC = Chassis Management Controller) Severity Severity 3 (Informational) Trap/EventID 8691   Filter Visibility IPMI Alert SNMP Alert Email Alert Remote System Log WS Eventing   iDRAC ✔   After OS MCA hand-off, operating system calls back SAL and gets the MCA error record. 3. When SAL_GET_STATE_INFO is called for MCA or Corrected Errors for the platform, SAL returns the error record for the processor node associated with the processor on which the call is made.


Then become a Premium Member and support this site. - Find television shows, cartoons, DVDs and Blu-ray releases at the TVPast forums. An example is that if a platform does not route BERR# signal across processor nodes, SAL must perform a SAL rendezvous of the processors on the neighboring processor nodes. To make the error information independent of the processor's cache implementation, a processor may report error information in a generic fashion for recovery and logging. Interrupts are also used to allow higher priority programs to interrupt the execution of lower priority programs.

When this is not possible, the operating system must reset the entire system to contain errors, since the offending thread should not be allowed to continue. 2. An example of a recoverable error with local MCA is an error that returns incorrect data to a processor register. At any point in time, a platform could encounter an MCA/CPE event due to following types of errors: 1. Arguments arg1 = slot number Detailed Description I/O Module identified in the message cannot be managed from the CMC when the I/O Module is configured in secure IOM mode.

Recommended Response Action No response action is required. Recommended Response Action No response action is required. Required CPU is missing or not present. Errors detected are classified according to the error type and severity.

Bus errors on component interconnect buses, such as the address and data memory controller buses and associated datapath components, may also be reported as platform bus errors. The machine-readable medium of claim 7, wherein the operations further comprise obtaining an address of a location to save the processor state in the system memory provided by platform-specific instructions. 12. Recommended Response Action No response action is required. PAL_MC_ERROR_INFO may return the following information when a bus error occurs: 1.


On receiving a 2×ECC error indicator, for cacheable data, the processor poisons and stores the data in the internal caches. Multiple Errors: All the MCAs detected within a window before the processor masks machine check detection hardware (PSR.mc) may be lumped together as a single MCA condition, locally visible on that Ucsb-psu-2500acpl Category Audit (CMC = Chassis Management Controller) Severity Severity 1 (Critical) Trap/EventID 8689   Filter Visibility IPMI Alert SNMP Alert Email Alert Remote System Log WS Eventing   iDRAC ✔   Iec320 C20 Platform MCA Signaling: Depending on the severity of an error, a platform may signal an error to the processor either synchronously or asynchronously.

CMC Status Screens Severity Message Cause Critical The CMC battery failed. Non- Recoverable CPU bus parity error detected. Problem Symptoms In the IO Module (IOM) pwrmgr logs for the chassis, these error messages have been observed: CMC NOCSN_pwrmgr-3-CMC 0:ps_get_peak_current_12V:Unable to read PS curent(12V) path: /sys/devices/platform/fsl-i2c.2/i2c-1/1-005c/peak_output_curr_sensor1, error: Invalid argumentCMC NOCSN_pwrmgr-3-CMC Slot number of the TR that experienced the MCA 6. Ucsb-psu-2500acdv

All that metal. Detailed Description The Extended Storage feature activation on the secondary CMC timed out. For information about valid parameters, see the CMC Profile document available on the support site. Yes.

PAL firmware may permit SAL or the operating system to escalate errors. Under these conditions, CMC version in the message is displayed as 1.0. Category Configuration (CMC = Chassis Management Controller) Severity Severity 2 (Warning) No alerts are applicable for this message CMC005 Message Unable to complete the operation because of a mismatch between AttributeName

Recommended Response Action Do the following and retry the operation: 1) In the CMC Web interface, go to Chassis Controller > Flash Media > Configuration, and verify if the SD card

PAL 104 encapsulates processor implementation-specific features and is part of the processor architecture. Error Severity Escalation: Platform errors that are visible to the processor may be escalated on a per processor basis by setting the processor configuration bits as shown in Table B. Corrected with Local MCA (Firmware Corrected): This type of error is not corrected by the processor or platform hardware and must be corrected by firmware. This type of error requires operating system analysis of the error.

Recommended Response Action No response action is required. PAL firmware performs instruction level error containment. Thus, a machine-readable medium includes any mechanism that provides (i.e., stores and/or transmits) information in a form readable by a machine (e.g., a computer). Category System Health (CMC = Chassis Management Controller) Severity Severity 1 (Critical) Trap/EventID 2545   Filter Visibility IPMI Alert SNMP Alert Email Alert Remote System Log WS Eventing   iDRAC ✔

Refer to the appropriate UCSM Install and Upgrade Guide in order to obtain information about how to upgrade the Cisco UCS B-Series servers. This type of error is broadcast to the system via a global event notification mechanism. Therefore, new events are not written to the log unless older events are cleared. The message after this message in the log indicates cause for the issue.

Correctable ECC errors reach a critical rate. Detailed Description The Extended Storage feature is not activated if the removable flash media SD Card on the secondary CMC is not functioning properly. Detailed Description An internal network error occurred. Category Audit (CMC = Chassis Management Controller) Severity Severity 1 (Critical)   Filter Visibility IPMI Alert SNMP Alert Email Alert Remote System Log WS Eventing   iDRAC        

Server Status Screen Severity Message Cause Warning The system board ambient temperature is less than the lower warning threshold. The KVM cannot be mapped to this server slot. If using NoScript, simply whitelist digitalFAQ.com. Home Our Services Guides Reviews Forum Editorials Buy.Sell.Trade Donate About Us Contact Us Forum > Digital Video Recoverable 3.

For example, the operating system may not have access to all the information needed to correct the error or the error may prevent execution of the operating system software. Resolution: CMC (Corrected Machine Check) subsystem has been enhanced to pre-enable the upcoming Online vPars v6 Migration feature. To be consistent with the machine check architecture, it is preferred that the platform hardware generate a BERR# or 2×ECC or HF for recoverable errors and a BINIT# for fatal errors. Images(4)Claims(20) 1.

Recommended Response Action No response action is required. FYI, bank deposit box rooms tend to have a lot of magnetic fields. CDETS In order to follow the bug ID link below and see detailed bug information, you must be a registered customer and you must be logged in. Make back-ups of the important stuff now and store them properly.

Here are some guidelines for typical implementations: Corrected Error Records: Since the records pertain to corrected errors and the operating system uses them for logging purposes, the SAL_GET_STATE_INFO could return them Operating systems may provide additional error handling capabilities.